Steve Wozniak creates a blockchain company with his token, the WOZX

45 years after co-founding Apple with Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak launched Efforce (WOZX), a blockchain company that aims to reinvent energy efficiency. Efforce presents itself as an energy market allowing companies to undertake energy efficiency projects without barriers.

Strive, a future blockchain giant?

Famous Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is launching his 2nd company, Efforce , aimed at transforming and energizing the energy efficiency market. After forever changing the world of tech, Steve Wozniak is now taking on the energy industry, helped by blockchain .

Bitcoin Profit promotes itself as a blockchain-based energy market that enables companies to take energy efficiency measures without barriers. The new company wants to be accessible to all – regardless of borders – so that any company and investor can „monetize the transferable energy savings“ .

As the press release points out , the financing of energy efficiency measures is proving to be particularly complex, both financially and in terms of regulations. This greatly limits the speed of growth of this market. To boost energy efficiency across the world, Efforce is accompanied by a blockchain- based platform and its own token, the WOZX .

“Endeavor was created to be the first decentralized platform that enables everyone to participate and financially benefit from global energy efficiency projects, and create meaningful environmental change,” said Steve Wozniak.

The exchanges between the parties will be fully managed by smart-contracts on Ethereum . In addition, the WOZX is an ERC-20 token which acts as a utility token for Efforce. The WOZX serves as a certificate for initiating energy saving projects and for cooperation between consumers and savers.

Contributors who wish to take part in energy saving projects on the platform may be required to lock in 1 WOZX for every 1 USDT of contribution . Such a mechanism would eventually make it possible to raise the demand rate, for example to be required to block 1 WOZX for every 10 USDT of contribution.

Holding WOZX tokens gives voting rights for the general governance of the project, in addition to offering interests to its holders.

A start with great fanfare for WOZX

Although the first Efforce concepts were launched in September 2017, its launch has just happened. Since December 3, the WOZX token has been listed on the HBTC platform , and its success is already remarkable.

With a listing price set at $ 0.10 on the platform, WOZX is trading at the time of writing these lines around $ 1.48. The launch seems particularly successful, especially since the volumes exceed 10 million dollars over the last 24 hours .

The token should also be listed on the South Korean platform Bithumb , before most likely making its entry on other platforms.

For the moment, it’s hard to know how far Efforce and its WOZX token will take us. However, with Steve Wozniak at the helm, this new project may become a staple in some time.

With the goal of democratizing the $ 250 billion market for energy efficiency projects, will Efforce succeed in repeating Apple’s feat of expanding access to personal computers?

Justitsministeriet udleverer påstået BTC-minedrift Ponzi-operatør fra Panama

AirBit Clubs ledelse er samlet i New York City og står over for anklager for at stjæle „medlemsafgifter“ for at finansiere massive marketingbegivenheder og overdådige personlige livsstiler.

I henhold til en mandagsmeddelelse har USA’s justitsministerium og det sydlige distrikt i New York udleveret en leder af den påståede Ponzi-ordning AirBit Club fra Panama

Gutemberg Dos Santos er en af ​​seks anklagede operatører af Crypto Trader og den sidste, der kommer ind i USA for at blive retssag før SDNY. Dos Santos er dobbeltborger i Brasilien og USA. Myndigheder oprindeligtanholdt fem af de seks tilbage i august med en sjette undgående myndighed indtil oktober.

DoJ hævder, at AirBit Club solgte „medlemskaber“, der lovede garanteret afkast. De seks operatører markedsførte deres afkast som et produkt af klubbens minedrift og handelsstrategier. Per DoJ eksisterede disse operationer ikke. I stedet gik medlemsafgifter til finansiering af yderligere markedsføring over hele verden, herunder massive begivenheder for at rekruttere nye medlemmer og jet-set livsstil for sig selv.

Nogle af disse begivenheder kan ses på AirBit Clubs stadig aktive hjemmeside, hvor den seneste fandt sted i Sao Paulo, Brasilien, sidste år

En af de seks tiltalte var Scott Hughes, en advokat i Californien, som, ifølge DoJ, bistod AirBit Clubs ledelse „ved blandt andet at hjælpe med at fjerne negative oplysninger om AirBit Club og Vizinova fra Internettet“ – muligvis ved at true truende sager mod lukke dissens.

Hughes står også anklaget for at hjælpe operationen med at vaske indkomst via forskellige klientkonti.

En af de mest berømte Ponzi-ordninger i krypto er PlusToken, der for nylig så over 4 milliarder dollars værd af kryptoaktiver konfiskeret af den kinesiske regering.

Bitcoin hits crucial levels – but could still crash to $ 16K

Bitcoin has gotten into a strong uptrend in the aftermath of the recent sell-off, with the bulls having largely absorbed selling pressure.

After falling to lows of $ 16,400, the cryptocurrency saw a massive boom that has now taken it above $ 18,000

Bitcoin’s current momentum shows little sign of slowing down, and there is a strong likelihood that further upward moves are imminent in the near future.

However, one trader notes: It is now imperative that the bulls hold Bitcoin above $ 17,700-17,850.

He suggests that a break below this support could result in Bitcoin being pulled down into the $ 16,000 region.

Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto market are currently in a rally – even the recent Bitcoin sell-off has done little damage to the market as the bulls try to make up for any losses.

BTC is now trading above $ 18,000 again and showing no signs of slowing. Should this level become a support, it could allow for significant further growth in the coming days and weeks.

One trader now comments that holding above the top $ 17,000 is critical for the market to move higher – and that a break below that range could open the gates for a decline towards $ 16,000.

Bitcoin is gaining momentum, bears are stalling

Bitcoin is currently listed (buy now? Click here for instructions) at a price of 18,455 US dollars. This represents a remarkable increase from the lows of $ 16,400 at the end of the recent sell-off.

The strength the aggregate market has seen lately seems to suggest that further upside is imminent – and that this recent sell-off was just another „buy the dip“ opportunity.

For this to be confirmed, however, BTC must show signs of stability in the coming days and weeks.

Trader: BTC has to stay in the upper $ 17,000 region for further uptrend

One trader tweeted that Bitcoin needs to stay stable above $ 18,000 in order for the market to maintain momentum.

He points to the upper $ 17,000 region as the key support area and comments that a break down could open the gates for a move towards $ 16,000.

“The critical level to maintain is the $ 17,700–17,850 mark. If that is lost, we will probably see the 16s again. „

Despite the change to digital currencies – BIS emphasizes the importance of cash

Benoît Cœuré from the BIZ Innovation Hub wants to create diversity among means of payment and not put them into competition with one another.

As more and more countries deal with issuing their own central bank digital currency (CBDC), Benoît Cœuré of the Bank for International Settlements emphasizes that cash will maintain its importance.

The head of the BIS technology center was previously a board member of the European Central Bank (ECB)

„In contrast to Sweden and China, there is still a great demand for banknotes in the euro zone,“ as Cœuré initially stated in an interview on Thursday. “Their role as a means of payment is declining, but they are still in demand as a means of saving,” he explains afterwards. And further:

“Nobody wants to force consumers to choose which payment method to use. Diversity is a good thing and it promotes innovation. The aim is to create free choice, which means that consumers can continue to pay with the currency of their central bank. “

In the further discussion, Cœuré addressed a number of topics relating to the global development of CBDCs. He spoke about innovation as a natural growth process and named the different positions of different countries with regard to central bank digital currencies and the upcoming Facebook cryptocurrency Bitcoin Profit.

China is currently clearly in the lead in the race to issue its own CBDC , while the US is still on hold

Central bank digital currencies have the potential to make cash redundant. Depending on the reading, this can be assessed positively or negatively. The requirements in the respective country play a decisive role in this assessment. The payment system in the USA is already largely digitized, which is why there is no compelling need for a central bank digital currency.

Most CBDCs will very likely be based on blockchain technology . The introduction of such digital currencies by central banks would be the same as today’s cash, only that it is in digital form. Cœuré agrees: “Central bank digital currencies are the digital equivalent of coins and banknotes. They are the safest currency there is because they are issued by a government agency. “

To this end, he adds:

“In the future you will be able to pay for your coffee in different ways: of course with banknotes and coins, which will be available as long as they are needed, but also by card, central bank digital currency or payment systems like Apple Pay and PayPal. If there is the appropriate legal framework, then maybe with Facebook Libra. „

Cœuré himself mentioned Bitcoin ( BTC ) as a possible means of payment: „If you want to pay with Bitcoin, why not, provided the payer and the payee understand the risks of an actively traded cryptocurrency.“

Nonetheless, physical cash has important properties that digital currencies can never meet. For example, they are always available even in crisis situations.

Bitcoin recovered over $15,500

The main crypt currency in the market, Bitcoin, recovered over USD 15,500.

At the time of this writing, the leading cryptomoney in the ecosystem is trading at USD 15,900 according to our online crypto tool. Thus, an increasing variation of 4.68% in the last 24 hours was obtained.

Just as Immediate Edge recovered another currency that shows a very good evolution this November 11th is Ethereum (ETH). The digital currency of the Ethereum network, which registers an increase of 6.52% in the last 24 hours, quoting around USD 475.

On the other hand, the performance of the crypto market goes hand in hand with a slight fall in the price of gold. The metal is quoted at around USD 1,868 an ounce in the main markets, with a fall of -0.56% in the last 24 hours.

Bitcoin to Sweep Gold

The second largest bank in the world to issue USD 3 billion in BTC bonds

China Construction Bank (CCB) has used the Hong Kong Fusang-based digital asset swap to issue $3 billion in debt securities through a block-tie chain.

According to a report in the South China Morning Post on Wednesday, the tokenized bond certificates will be issued through the state bank’s branch in Labuan, Malaysia, for a period of three months.

If successful, Fusang intends to work with China’s „Big Four“ bank to issue certificates in other currencies, including the yuan. Fusang CEO Henry Chong said in the report.

The innovation is that these bonds are being used as tokenized certificates of deposit in the blockchain network, which supports the issuance of these small-size bonds. Bonds that are not based on blockchain are usually sold at higher minimums and therefore limited to professional investors or other banks.

In addition, tokenized certificates of deposit will be negotiable on the Fusan exchange. The exchange, which is regulated in Labuan, will launch live bond trading on November 13.

In particular, since Fusan supports crypto-currency trading, traders will be able to exchange Bitcoin (BTC) for US dollars to buy the bonds. Transactions will be charged at a commission.
CoinMetrics Analysts Say Bitcoin Is Unstoppable

Analysts say Bitcoin still has an advantage in a key category, according to a November report from the crypto-data firm, Coin Metrics.

The Coin Metrics report analyzes the centralization observed in the holdings of crypto currencies through the data of the respective block chains of those assets. „Chronology, among other unfair models of supply distribution, inevitably results in incredibly centralized monetary bases,“ the report explains.

Also, through graphics and examples, the report explains Bitcoin’s initial journey, which produced a vast distribution of currencies. Mining activities have also impacted the dispersion of the asset.

However, the data in the report is largely based on the analysis of the direction of cryptomoney portfolios. Sometimes participants use multiple wallets and directions, so the accuracy of the results remains questionable.

Ripple (XRP) decides to export to Dubai

Ripple has announced that it is opening offices in Dubai. She had already confirmed that she wanted to leave San Francisco and the United States. But it would only be a regional HQ.

Ripple chooses Dubai for its new offices

Ripple opens a regional HQ within the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). The choice of this location is not insignificant: it allows the company to benefit from “ innovative” regulations , particularly in tax matters. Bitcoin Billionaire will not have to pay any tax on its business income … For the next fifty years. The DIFC thus wishes to become a hub for crypto companies , which could be attracted by these extremely favorable conditions.

According to Navin Gupta, head of the Middle East and North Africa region at Ripple, the opening of offices in Dubai is the logical follow-up to the project:

“Ripple already has a significant customer base in the region […] and the opportunity to share a space with our customers naturally made us choose DIFC. These regional offices will serve as a springboard to introduce our blockchain solutions […] to the region. “

A regional headquarters only?

The press release specifies that this is only a “ regional HQ“ for Ripple. But the firm has already started packing . The company is looking to export permanently outside the United States, because of several legal setbacks and the local regulatory framework which is considered too unclear. Chris Larsen, the co-founder of Ripple explained last October that the SEC was simply too restrictive:

“I don’t think the SEC’s posture could be any worse for the [blockchain] industry today . They’re just trying to crush [us] and push us aside . “

It is unlikely, however, that Dubai will eventually become Ripple’s new global HQ. The company had indeed communicated on its desire to export itself definitively to other territories, including the United Kingdom, Japan, or Singapore .

XRP tracks the progress of BTC

XRP had benefited from the rise in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in recent days: it had reached more than 0.26 dollar. But the announcement of the results of the US presidential election has screwed up the price of the largest cryptocurrency, and dragged the price of XRP down:

This increase, however, allowed the altcoin to slightly mitigate its losses over the last twelve months , where it fell by 9%. However, it will take more than that to return to levels comparable to those reached during his „all time high“ at 3.40 dollars.

Polkadot (DOT) kan ha begynt en oppadgående trend

Polkadot (DOT) kan ha begynt en oppadgående trend

  • DOT har fullført en A-B-C-korreksjon.
  • Det er støtte på $ 3,95 og motstand mellom $ 5,18 og $ 5,58.
  • DOT / BTC prøver å bryte ut over 34.500 satoshi-motstandsområdet.

Trust Project er et internasjonalt konsortium av nyhetsorganisasjoner som bygger standarder for åpenhet.

Polkadot (DOT) Generelt

Polkadot (DOT) har gjenvunnet et viktig støttenivå og ser ut til å ha begynt en ny bullish impuls som kan ta den til nye høyder.

DOT-prisen har fulgt en synkende motstandslinje siden den nådde en høyde på $ 6,86 den 1. september.
DOT overvinner motstand

Prisen brøt ut fra denne motstandslinjen 8. oktober og fortsatte deretter med å validere motstanden og $ 3,95-området Bitcoin Bank som støtte. 20. oktober startet prisen en ny bevegelse oppover som fortsatt pågår.

Det nærmeste motstandsområdet er funnet mellom $ 5,18 – $ 5,58, 0,5-0,618 Fib-nivåene for hele nedadgående bevegelse

Prisen fullførte en bearish A-B-C-korreksjon (vist i svart nedenfor) med $ 3,60-lavpunktet nådd 7. oktober.

DOT ser ut til å ha startet en ny bullish impuls (svart) som for tiden er i bølge 3. Denne bølgen forventes å slutte nær det tidligere skisserte motstandsområdet mellom $ 5,18 – $ 5,58. Denne impulsen forventes å avsluttes med nye høyder.

En reduksjon under bølgen 2 lav til $ 3,80 ville ugyldiggjøre denne spesielle bølgetellingen.

DOT bølgetelling

DOT / BTC-prisbevegelsen er ikke så klar som motparten i USD. På tidspunktet for pressen trakk DOT / BTC seg litt tilbake etter gårsdagens nær 37.000 satoshier.

Selv om tekniske indikatorer er hausse, hadde 39.000 satoshi-området fungert som støtte siden begynnelsen av september og vil sannsynligvis være vanskelig å bryte. Derfor, selv om en økning til 39.000 satoshier virker sannsynlig, kan vi ennå ikke trygt forutsi et utbrudd.

Tapet på det nåværende 34 500 satoshi-støtteområdet kan utløse en rask nedgang mot 25 000 satoshier.

Bitcoin rutscht auf $11.300 ab; Äther in DeFi eingeschlossen ist flach

Der Preis von Bitcoin sinkt, während die in DeFi geparkte Äthermenge im neutralen Bereich liegt.

Bitcoin (BTC) handelte um 11.397 $ per 20:00 UTC (16:00 Uhr ET). Im Vergleich zu den vorangegangenen 24 Stunden ist er um 1,3% gefallen.
Die 24-Stunden-Reichweite von Bitcoin: $11.313-$11.730

BTC unter seinem gleitenden 10- und 50-Tage-Durchschnitt, ein rückläufiges Signal für Markttechniker.

Der Preis von Bitcoin konnte in den vergangenen 24 Stunden 11.700 $ knacken und erreichte an Spot-Börsen wie Bitstamp 11.730 $. Die nach Marktkapitalisierung größte Krypto-Währung der Welt tendierte dann abwärts und fiel bis auf 11.313 $, bevor sie sich bei 11.397 $ zum Zeitpunkt der Drucklegung einpendelte.

Lesen Sie mehr dazu: Bitcounter haben Billionen und Billionen von Gründen, die US-Wahl zu ignorieren
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Trotz der Abwärtsbewegung von bitcoin am Dienstag sagte Cindy Leow, Portfoliomanagerin beim Multi-Strategy-Handelsunternehmen 256 Capital Partners, dass der allgemeine Aufwärtstrend der Preise seit dem 8. Oktober eine neue zinsbullische Preisuntergrenze geschaffen hat. Leows Analyse zeigt, dass Bitcoin über 11.000 Dollar einen längerfristigen Aufwärtstrend signalisiert. Sollte der Preis von Bitcoin jedoch unter dieses „Unterstützungs“-Niveau fallen, so Leow, könnte sich ein langfristiger Bärenmarkt entwickeln.

„Seit dem Durchbruch nach oben Ende letzter Woche ruht die Unterstützung für Bitcoin nun direkt auf dem Durchschnittspreis, der für BTC seit dem Höchststand von 12.000 $ Anfang September bezahlt wurde. Dieser neue Support liegt bei 11.000 $“, sagte Leow gegenüber CoinDesk.

Der abnehmende Einfluss des auf den Seychellen ansässigen Derivatehandelsplatzes BitMEX, der in eine Vielzahl von regulatorischen und rechtlichen Fragen verstrickt ist, scheint sich positiv auf den Markt ausgewirkt zu haben, stellte Leow fest.

„Mit BitMEX und seiner aggressiven Liquidierungsmaschine, die langsam an Bedeutung verliert, werden die plötzlichen 1.000-Dollar-Dochte von BitMEX immer seltener, ein weiteres gesundes Zeichen für BTC“, fügte sie hinzu. Dochte sind die vertikalen Linien, die am oberen und unteren Ende von Kerzen in technischen Diagrammen erscheinen, die die gesamte Preisspanne während einer bestimmten Handelsperiode anzeigen.

In der Tat ist die implizite Volatilität von Bitcoin, die Preisschwankungen vorhersagt und von Optionshändlern häufig zur Analyse von Handelsstrategien verwendet wird, auf einem seit Juli nicht mehr gesehenen Tiefstand.

Alessandro Andreotti, ein in Italien ansässiger Freiverkehrs-Händler, stellt fest, dass bitcoin parallel zum Aktienmarkt operiert hat. Die zunehmende Korrelation mit dem S&P 500 auf der Grundlage von Daten aus dem CoinDesk Bitcoin Preisindex scheint dies zu bestätigen.

Andreotti sagt voraus, dass der Bitcoin-Preis neue Höchststände im Jahr 2020 erreichen könnte, sollten die Aktien ebenfalls weiter steigen. „Wenn der S&P 500 ein Allzeithoch erreichen kann, könnte der Bitcoin-Preis auf 13.000 Dollar steigen“.
Äther in DeFi-Ständen eingeschlossen

Die zweitgrößte Kryptowährung nach Marktkapitalisierung, Äther (ETH), war am Dienstag mit rund 378 Dollar rückläufig und gab in 24 Stunden ab 20:00 UTC (16:00 Uhr ET) um 2,3% nach.

Seit dem 18. September ist die Menge an Äther, die in den dezentralisierten Finanzen (DeFi) „eingeschlossen“ ist, mit durchschnittlich etwa 8,26 Milliarden Dollar relativ flach geblieben. Ätherbesitzer parken die Kryptowährung in verschiedenen Protokollen, die auf intelligenten Verträgen basieren, im Ethereum-Netzwerk und erhalten im Gegenzug einen „Ertrag“.

Im Gegensatz dazu ist die Menge an Bitmünzen, die im DeFi gespeichert sind, größtenteils stetig gestiegen und nähert sich nun 150.000 BTC.

Brian Mosoff, Chief Executive Officer der Investmentfirma Ether Capital, sagte, dass Bitcoin-Inhaber möglicherweise einen mächtigen DeFi-Anwendungsfall für die älteste Kryptowährung der Welt sehen, die bis vor kurzem noch nicht existierte.

„Bis vor kurzem war Bitcoin von der Macht und Flexibilität von Ethereum isoliert“, sagte Mosoff. „Jetzt können Bitcoin-Inhaber ihre BTC einpacken und mit einer dezentralisierten Börse interagieren oder gegen eine stabile Münze leihen. Die Ethereum-Gemeinschaft war vom ersten Tag an in der Lage, diese Dinge von Natur aus zu tun“, so Mosoff.

Tidligere Goldman Sachs Exec siger, at Bitcoin ETF vil blive godkendt, hvilket bringer milliarder ind på kryptomarkedet

Raoul Pal, tidligere Goldman Sachs-direktør og hedgefondschef, siger, at Bitcoin tilbyder en sjælden mulighed for detailinvestorer at komme ud og investere i den næste store ting inden institutionelle investorer.

I et YouTube-interview med Jerry Hall siger Pal, at en ordentlig Bitcoin-børshandlet fond (ETF) vil være katalysatoren, der bringer milliarder af dollars til BTC og eksponentielt eksponerer markedsværdien af ​​den største kryptokurrency.

”Du har lov til at front-run i Bitcoin Up, og jeg vil give dig den største front-running mulighed i dit liv: de får en ETF over linjen. Der vil være milliarder dollars, der strømmer ind i det. Hver pensionsplan afsætter nogle penge til den. Hvert familiekontor afsætter nogle penge til det. Og jo mere prisen stiger, jo mere allokerer de, fordi jo større markedsværdien for Bitcoin er …

Dette er en mulighed for detailhandlen at front-front institutionerne for en gangs gang i modsætning til Goldman Sachs front kører os. ”

Pal siger, at for øjeblikket forsøger de store fonde og institutioner at forstå Bitcoin, men har endnu ikke en nem måde at handle på.

”Bare forstå: pensionsplanen, kapitalen, familiekontoret, de [registrerede investeringsrådgivere], de har indtil videre forsøgt at få hovedet omkring Bitcoin, og de har ikke et produkt at handle endnu. Så de bestod forvaringsreglerne i USA, så nu kan banker føre forvaring. Det betyder, at der kommer premiermægling til hedgefonde. Hedgefonde kommer først ind i rummet, det er klart …

De (RIA’erne) forstår, at dette er interessant, men de kan ikke gøre det. Reglerne tillader ikke, at de har dette digitale aktiv. „

Warum sollte Bitcoin technisch gesehen 28.000 $ erreichen?

Warum sollte Bitcoin technisch gesehen vor dem 1. November 28.000 $ erreichen?

Dieser Artikel unterscheidet sich zwar nicht von vielen Artikeln über die Preisvorhersage für Bitmünzen da draußen, aber dies ist ein anderer Artikel. Der zugrundeliegende Grund dafür, dass Bitcoin bis zum 1. November 2020 28.000 $ erreicht hat, basiert auf historischen Daten bei Immediate Edge und nicht nur auf der Vorhersage eines Analysten.

Die Volatilität von Bitcoin ist ein bekannter Aspekt des Vermögenswerts, und die Tatsache, dass dieser Aspekt hoch ist, ist das, was verhindert, dass er zu einer alltäglichen Tausch-/Kontoeinheit oder – einfach ausgedrückt – zu Geld wird. Die Argumentation für die Solidität von Bitcoin ist noch einen Tag lang gültig, wichtig sind jedoch diese historischen Daten, die auf eine durchschnittliche Bitcoin-Rendite von 196 % nach Erfüllung einer bestimmten Bedingung hindeuten.

Dem Volatilitätsbericht von Kraken vom August zufolge gibt es „unterdrückte Taschen“, die einen Einbruch der Bitcoin-Volatilität zwischen 15 % und 30 % darstellen. Wie unten zu sehen ist, erstreckt sich die Tasche zwischen den roten Linien.

Bis heute hat Bitcoin diese Taschen nur 12 Mal getroffen, und jedes Mal, wenn Bitcoin in diese Taschen gleitet, kehrt es zum Mittelwert zurück, der zufällig ein gleitender 315-Tage-Durchschnitt ist. Mit anderen Worten, nach dem Gleiten in diese Taschen hat die Volatilität einen durchschnittlichen Anstieg von 140% erlebt.

Interessant ist die Preisauswirkung dieser Unterdrückung der Volatilität und einer eventuellen Expansion. Es wurde beobachtet, dass der Preis in den nächsten 90 Tagen einen durchschnittlichen Anstieg von 196% verzeichnete.

Bei zwei verschiedenen Gelegenheiten – 2014 und 2018 – betrugen die Renditen -60% und -45%. Es besteht also eine 83%ige Chance, dass der Preis um 196% stieg. Wenn man bedenkt, dass der letzte Einbruch am 24. Juli 2020 stattfand und der Anstieg zum Zeitpunkt des Schreibens nur 4,36% betrug, gibt es für Bitcoin viel Aufwärtspotenzial.

Der Anstieg von 196% ab dem 24. Juli sollte Bitcoin in den nächsten 90 Tagen zwischen 28.000 und 30.000 $ und am 22. Oktober 2020 in den Bereich zwischen 28.000 und 30.000 $ bringen. Dies würde bedeuten, dass Bitcoin jeden Tag einen Anstieg von 4,2% verzeichnen muss, um das Ziel von ~30.000 $ zu erreichen.

Ist dies ein realistisches Ziel?

Obwohl es sich um ein unkorreliertes Vermögen handelt, ist Bitcoin aufgrund der Geschehnisse in den USA betroffen. BTC ist bei Immediate Edge invers mit dem Dollar-Index korreliert und steht in einer Linie mit dem Dow Jones. Solange diese Verbindung/Korrelation besteht, ist sie potenziell schlecht für Bitcoin. Abgesehen davon hätte Bitcoin keine Schwierigkeiten, eine durchschnittliche tägliche Rendite von 4,26% zu erzielen.

Obwohl die Zeiten im September düster sind, da der Preis jetzt näher bei 9.000 als bei 12.000 Dollar liegt, scheint dies realistisch zu sein, insbesondere angesichts des Hype um DeFi.